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The selection of the right MLM compensation plan is extremely vital for a successful network marketing business. On the basis of our proven expertise, we provide guidance on which plan can bring optimum results for YOUR business. In addition to that since, every plan has its own characteristics, advantages & disadvantages, it is crucial for you to understand major plans in reference to your business. Fill our Inquiry form if you have any queries related to MLM Plan.

Binary Plan

MLM Binary Plan
As the name implies this plan works on the binary tree structure. One needs to introduce two directs in the downline to earn income. One can sponsor more than two members in the downline. The third member will be placed in the next available space in the downline of the sponsor. This plan is very much popular in the Asian Market.

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Matrix Plan

MLM Matrix plan
The popular plan used in the African market is the Matrix plan. This plan works on a Matrix structure. There are two types of the matrix; Forced Matrix & Auto Matrix. In the auto matrix plan the newly recruited member will be placed automatically in the available space of the sponsor downline. The searching is done by Top to Bottom – Left to Right procedure. In the Forced Matrix plan the member can be placed by his/her choice.
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Board Plan

MLM Board Plan
Board plan mostly used in the European market. As the name implies the business is based on board structure. There are two different types of board. Feeder board & Main board. Member first enters into the Feeder board. Once the Feeder board get filled the board shuffled. After shuffling the Feeder board get split into two new board by promoting the topmost member into the next higher board.
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Generation Plan

Generation Plan
The most popular plan used in the MLM industry is the Generation plan. This plan is based on the generation tree structure. In this plan the directs sponsored by the member is placed in the direct downline of the member.

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Hybrid Plan

MLM Hybrid Plan
As the name suggests Hybrid plan is a combination of two different business plans. Companies use a Hybrid plan which helps them to generate more revenue for the company. The Hybrid plan also motivates the member to work more as there are lots of opportunities for the members also to get more income.
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Differential Plan

MLM Differential Plan
The popular plan used in the US market is the Differential plan. In this plan, the commission distribution between the upline & downline is based on the difference between the commission earned by the upline & the commission distributed in the downline. Popular companies like Amway, Herbalife works on this plan.
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